Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7 - Stepping Out

Another edited page of Psalm 25 and 21st-Century Music work, before Music Theory Week 4 Dies Irae dictation / keyboard-solfege / drone harmony and intriguing student works. Brief financial jaunt around town thereafter, and

lunch with paper grading at China Garden, returning for the evening class with music from Muhammed (c. 570) to the beginnings of Hindustani Music (c. 1100),

looking ahead to next week's Quiz 4 (N.B. fourth scale above is G Minor). Outing with Owen and our favorite waitress follows, with our esteemed Theory guy making the announcement that he is engaged -- congrats Dr. Lee! Heading home to Harriet, the day has been long, so how is it possible to do two more videos --

Duo Sonata No. 1 ("Hyphenated"): I. Promenade-Blues and

III. Serenade-Rag, the latter for our friends from afar.