Friday, September 3, 2010

September 3 - Wind Summer

Do two of the three videos for Portraits of Three Players -- II. Anne's Ten-Dollar Music and

III. The Mountains of Colorado. Also in contact with EBSCO representative Laurie Curran who finds the DrMarkAlburger channel "phenomenal" + the heroic Owen Goldin checks in on Facebook with about 57 various supporting and thoughtful comments on videos there over the past weeks (including those of Antigone, Waiting for Godot, San Rafael News, and Animal Farm -- motivating the continued posting of the latter). Out with Harriet to local an outdoorsy-breezy (light zephyr and perfect temps) Mexican spot then home for more, including completion of edits for Psalm 22 (final three pages, through 28). Also successfully scan images into computer via the new scanner -- a first, and surprisingly easy...