Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 15 - Going Up

Do video for For My Brother For My Brother: 7. Baby's Head, plus page 6 of Psalm 26, as prerequisites to proceeding to Theory for Josquin El Grillo (which Xavier Travis has sung) and Costanzo Festa Quando Ritrovna as Dictation and Board Harmony, followed by lunch at China Garden catchng up with grades, and back to the lab, recording

Psalm 25 ("Unto Thee, O Lord, I Lift My Soul"). Next, off to San Francisco, first to rendezvous with Erling, who (horrors!) has had an unfortunate encounter (as pedestrian) with a VW bus -- broken leg, scraped up physique. He is nevertheless up and about enough on crutches to receive well-wishers, including Michael Cooke and Loren Jones, and, after leaving "Articles of Incorporation" with the recovering Dr. Wold, the rest of us proceed apace to Lisa's for SFCCO Board meeting. Hopefully all is in place re Friday's first rehearsal etc., so we break early, one of us heading back through Marin to produce the day's second YouTube opus -- FMBFMB:

10. Heaven Help.