Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13 - Who Knows What

Prepare for publication the first 8 pages of Symphony No. 2 ("Tamalpais"): II DOUBLE FUGUE and do a boodle of work in the adjunct library -- all the back issues of 21st-Century Music now in file boxes, 8 years of Diablo Valley College papers relocated, stacks of books and music back on shelves (rather than piled here and there). Also transfer over Opus 10-12 (Nocturnes for Insomniacs, Portraits of Three [Flute] Players, Four Processions) from the old computer to new via email (only way that's possible at the moment, and a surprisingly laborious process), then zoom out the door in the twilight to do a couple of videos for Ecclesiastes -- V-VI. There Is Evil and

VII. Day of Death, returning to edit and post. Upload Antigone: XVI. Antigone / You, Too to Facebook and receive some positive feedback from earlier posts -- always good to hear from such folks as Pamela Walker Agnew, Susan Hauslein Ware, and William Loney.