Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 24 - Just Wanna Be

After breakfast with Tisha and Claire, Harriet and I are out the door again as tourists, down to Oregon again and up 204 to Tollgate in the Blue Mountains, then down to Elgin and

Indian Valley,

opening up to

La Grand Ronde then

through the old

Trail Route (which includes a Devil's Slide),





Pendleton for lunch at

Great Pacific Coffee and Wine, splitting a Beast (their roast beef special), Becks, and Stoopid Ale (sucker for a ridiculous name). Hopefully none-the-less intelligente,

we proceed north, again to Washington (this has been the border -- or shall we say Gian Carlo Menottianly Consul "frontier"? -- hopping trip_ to the old

Whitman Mission and

Waterbrook Winery,

actually sharing something non-alchoholic on the patio,

given the previous libations.

Back to Tisha's for spaghetti and such, and an evening of books (including a scholarly photographic one on the Wallulu region), movies, etc.