Friday, July 16, 2010

July 16 - Icumen In

There's finally enough order in the adjunct library that there are clear aisles north-south and east-west forming an L with respect to the access from the rest of the house. As for the rest... well, it's definitely still an ongoing project. And out the door, blazingly/sunnily toasty inland, we go to call San Anselmo postoffice to arrange for rendezvous next week, pick up the August 2010 issue of 21st-Century Music in Berkeley, review SFSound's solo/duo acoustic/electric concert in dramatically dreary/frigid

San Francisco (specifically the Community Music Center), with

Kyle Bruckman,

Matt Ingalls (Hadley evidently otherwise engaged),

John Ingle, et. al. (report in Monday, Commuter Times on Friday, and by September 1 at and in print) -- sitting with Patti Deuter and friend, and chatting with Adam Broner and friend, returning through heavy 37 traffic, to do progressive-score videos for

San Rafael News: III. Death Catch and

X. Sylvia Dryer, posting on YouTube. Surely somewhere in there, do first two pages of publication-preparation of Symphony 2: II (part 2) -- a lot of twos... and make ready to post Antigone: XVIII. It's You on Facebook. Oh, yes, also check the Goat Hall mail for Harriet (brief hands-hands free call over the bridge, and some financial greetings upon arrival) and catch up with Miriam while her all-baroque internet radio station is playing an intriguing early-clarinet roccoco Stamitz piece).