Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 17 - Legendary Progress

Another impressively warm day, but nevertheless clean out an even larger L section of the adjunct library, such that at last there's order in there (of course, now the rest of the house has been re-challenged, with temporary files all over the place), such that only Harriet's section of the space needs doing upon her return, and, lo and behold, rediscover misplaced items including

Score to Steve Reich's Tehillim
Never-used daypack (unfortunately a little gnawed)
Road maps of Oregon and Washington
Tax forms from two years ago
Topographic map of Montara Mountain
Topographic maps of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties
Trail map of Auburn State Recreation Area

This year's belated state refund arrives (while talking on phone with H), and in depositing it, forget a writing implement (second time in a week -- first was trying to pay at kiosk for parking at the end of Driver's Flat Road), so cruise two shopping plazas trying to find a place with a pen (discover a post-office, but no scrivening item therein), finally winding up a friendly baked goods outlet, purchasing a bit for good measure.

Start the September 2010 issue of 21st-Century Music, continue reconstruct (after a long hiatus) of the December 2005, do two more pages (four total) publication-preparation for Symphony No. 2: II (Part 2), do one page same for Psalm 20, plus two new videos, being San Rafael News: VII. Pontoon Tattoo and

IX. The Reproductive Organs. Also post Antigone: XVIII. It's You on Facebook. Ah, yes, and finally have discovered how to size embedded YouTube videos here...