Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14 - Composers Cooperative

Transfer and edit the August 2010 issue of 21st-Century Music from the blog to Word, save as pdf, send over to Erling for the archives, run it down to Copy World in Berkeley to print, then across the now $6-at-peak-hours Bay Bridge for the first time to Lisa Scola Prosek's salon, with David Graves, hearing the former's Sonata, and the latter's String Quartet, as well as the new videos for Psalm 6: 1-5, Ecclesiastes: VII. Day of Death, and Job: VIII. Is There Someone.

We break camp for

Erling's and

Composers Chamber Orchestra board meeting, and it seems a perfect time to begin video for

A Walk Through California: San Francisco (SFCCO Room and Board). At home successfully incorporate still shots for the first time in iMovie resulting in visuals for

San Rafael News: V. Lifespan. Oh yes, and more pages prepared for publication of Symphony No. 2: II.