Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29 - Earthshattering Consequences

The front door no longer locks shut -- this after several weeks of having to slam it twice and three times from the outside, and using the deadbolt when within -- so time to call Jon Scott for a fix, depositing Goat Hall checks in the interrum (discovering that a quick upturn with the wrist actually re-enables the locking... but nevertheless...). After a quick lookover, we arrange for a more formal fix tomorrow. Call Toyota and set up an appointment (turns out it's actually time for a semi-major service, with a loaner car, etc.), and spend the rest of the day on the old familiars: more pages of Symphony No. 2: II (all the way to 68), beginning publication-preparation for Psalm 22, filing, 21st-Century Music work, call from Harriet, with the new videos being Prehistoric Atlas: II. Asia and

III. Africa.