Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15 - Don't Forget Your Trowel

Another hot day (above or below 100, depending on who you believe), and get all the academic work from the last 8 years at DVC (springs, summers, and falls... 30 semesters) into file boxes and establish two rows of files in the adjunct library, finish the publication-preparation of Symphony No. 2: II. first fugue exposition (20 pages total), figure out what the Ken Burns effect is in iMovie (there's no definition in the program -- Apple figures everyone has watched the man's documentaries -- some of us have only read about them, but googling the situation reveals that this refers to sequential slides moving slowly in random directions) and how to turn it off to produce a video for San Rafael News: VI. Ozymandias.

Call all three of Sorrel's phones to wish her a happy birthday, also talk to Harriet and Loren, email back and forth with Erling, and bike out to the pool/etc. to read the Nolo press book on non-profit status for SFCCO... basically we have to fill out non-profit and tax-exempt forms, so perhaps we can at least begin this process within the month.

Supply run, and home to do a second visual SRN movement:

II. Conference Room Technique / How to Survive - am pleased to re-encounter the original CIA document online, which can now be dealt with via the "grab" function ("snapshots" are the result, and certainly a clearer name) in Preview. Put both of above on YouTube, and Antigone: XVII. Take Her Away on Facebook.