Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22 - Amber Wavelengths

Takes forever to get out of the house and town, but at last on the road north, past ziggurats human and

natural -- just about impossible to see Sutter Buttes above, but

Mt. Shasta is looming into view --

up the steps pyramidically to the Gates of the Mountain,

the Lake/Reservoir with

North Gray Rocks (one of the more prosaic names encountered),

Castle Crags,

Shasta again,

Black Butte,

and the crenallated


again and


Onward and upward, beyond the Klamath River and

Oregon's Siskiyou Summit to

the Table Rocks,



Roseberg Cliffs,

Rice Hill,

Willamette Heartland, and up

the Columbia Gorge towards

Mt. Hood,

the sun sets, the traffic turns weirdly to back roads through the great bend of the River bisecting the Horse Heaven Hills, up the Walla Walla on empty bypasses to rendezvous with Harriet, Tisha, and Claire.