Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 31 - Cooler Than Usual

Overall, it's been a milder summer than some, and learn today how to save videos from YouTube, etc., through KeepVid, resulting in taking some short/fair-use samples for alteration (reducing speed and modifying spectra) to incorporate in Prehistoric Atlas: I. Antarctica,

IV. Australia, and

V. Europe.

Take the car in, through closer-to-the-coast clearing fog, relatively early am for 30,000-mile check-up, then,

with a loaner to the

post box, and over to

DVC, record Symphony No. 2: II and Psalms 20 and 21. Pick up the darling auto again and proceed to Fernando's for a late lunch (shredded beef taco and Mexican coffee), powering up the iPhone/camera,

in anticipation of another California-Coast-to-the-Sierras walk,

finishing up the little hazardous 101 gap south of Petaluma at a brisk clip, then walking toward said town north on the Boulevard South, with views of

distant Meacham Hill,

the overcrossing, River, Sheraton,

Sonoma Mountain,

Sears Point Ridge, the Marshes,

the evidently permanently-open railroad drawbridge conveniently utilized by fishermen,


Special Crews Maintenance Center,



and the compact housing

developments to where the

curved road

becomes straight (but could you trust them with that sign?).

Homeward past the Adobe,

over the


through the

Valley, ultimately



Solano, receiving a call from Harriet, there's time for 21st-Century Music work, filing, two more edited pages of Psalm 22: Ia (completing it), and same for beginning third-movement publication-preparation re Symphony No. 2: III.