Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 10 - Sex and the Superstars

Sex and the Bible is up and running with Kristen, Robert, Indre, Kim, Maria,


Liz, Marilyn, and Nanette -- premiering March 5-7 and 12-14 at San Francisco Community Music Center.

God / Snake / Lot's Older Daughter - Marilyn Pratt
God / Cain / Angel I - Elizabeth Finkler
Snake / Hagar / Leah - Maria Mikheyenko
Eve / Sarah / Rachel - Kimberley Anderman
Adam / Abraham I - Robert Benda
Abel / Angel II - Elizabeth Henry
Noah / Lot's Younger Daughter / Dinah / Tamar - Nanette McGuiness
Lot / Esau / Joseph - Kristen Brown
God / Rebekkah / Potiphar's Wife - Indre Viskontas
Isaac / Abraham II - Nathan Marken

After rehearsal, the merriment continues with the annual Goat Hall / San Francisco Cabaret Opera Fresh Voices Composer-Singer

Matchmaking Event,


Harriet March Page, Alden Jenks, Indre, Wayne Wong,

Robert Ashens, Daniel Felsenfeld,

John Bilotta,

Justin Marsh, Meghan Dibble, Maria,

Kate Offer,

Eliza O'Malley, Nanette,

Janet Lohr,

Roger McCracken,

Alexandra Jerenic,

John McGrew --

after which

some of us


Before this, produce percussion parts for Pini di Surriento and Salome Suite, and the drive towards Berkeley, with

Mt. Diablo




fog. After, stop off at the College to record

The Gospel According to St. Matthew:

L. The Last Judgement / The Annointment

(a parody-trope of Igor Stravinsky's Firebird: Infernal Dance of Prince Kaschai)



III. Qui respexit

(triply inspired, as the rest of the piece, by the Magnificats of Claudio Monteverdi, J.S. Bach, and Alan Hovhaness),

returning home for page 5 of IV. Omnes generationes orchestration, plus more composition of The Vespers of 2010.