Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21 - Ramp to the Future

More orchestration of Psalm 3 and composition re Vespers of 2010: I. Deus in adjutorium (page 4) before the driving rain from here to the west exit of 24, south to

Pleasant Hill Road, and thence to



first to visit the


office and



Syufy Hall to meet with

Jia and

Rebecca re Perceiving the Performing Arts.

The order of presentations will be theatre, dance, music, which will allow the benefit of experience, and hopefully the group attendance of the Los Angeles Philharmonic at Davies in early May, offering Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 1 and music of John Adams.

The return is via Diablo Valley College to record

MAGNIFICAT, Op. 86 (2000)

VII. Fecit potentiam (Chorus)

VIII. Deposuit (Tenor Aria)

IX. Esurientes (Alto Aria)

X. Suscepit Israel (Soprano, Alto, Tenor Trio)

XI. Sicut locutus est (Soprano, Alto, Tenor Trio, Chorus)

XII. Gloria Patri (Chorus)


PSALMS, Op. 172

Psalm 1

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