Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24 - Sex and the Photo Shoot

Photo shoot and rehearsal of Sex and the Bible today -- everyone looks and sounds great, and wonderful to have Theresa Nelson and Crystal Philippa join us, with roles shaking out as

Mark Alburger
Lot / Old Abraham / Old Isaac / Laban / Onan / Ruben / Hamor / Hirah / Joseph's Pharaoh

Kimberley Anderman
Eve / Noah's Wife / Sarah / Sodomite / Rachel

Robert Benda
Adam / Ham / Young Abraham / Sodomite / Young Isaac / Jacob

Elizabeth Finkler
God of Adam / Cain / Abraham's Pharaoh / Angel of Death / Abimelech / Zilpah / Judah / Levi

Nanette McGuiness
Noah / Midwife II / Lot's Younger Daughter / Dinah

Maria Mikheyenko
Snake / Hagar / Sodomite / Leah / Er

Theresa Nelson
God of Noah / Midwife III / Ishmael / Sodomite / Lot's Wife / Esau / Bilhah / Simeon / Joseph / Townsperson

Crystal Philippi
Midwife IV / Angel of Life / Hivite / Benjamin / Tamar

Marilyn Pratt
Lucifer / Abel / God of Abraham / Midwife I / Lot's Older Daughter / Shechem

Indre Viskontas
God of Lot / Rebekkah / Prostitute / Potiphar's Wife

We rehearse Abraham and Isaac (first time completely, reintroducing the Circumcision and Sacrifice selections) and Israel in Trouble sections during the basic 1-4 time slot (which included time out for the photo shoot at the beginning) and continue with Amazing Joseph with most of us in the extra 4-5 hour.

From 5-6, do most of the work re the poster, deciding on the litho feature in Photosmart, then rendezvous with

Harriet for the Daily Planet benefit, where

Eliza (whose mother, the paper's co-owner, is also having her birthday) is part of the

entertainment (Giuseppe Verdi - La Traviata, and Georges Bizet - Carmen excerpts, among others), appreciated by

Ken Bullock (Daily Planet and Commuter Times correspondent), Adam Broner (Piedmont Post critic, Antigone singer, and set designer), et al. Upon return, finish the poster, send to cast (along with upcoming schedule and contacts) and Meghan Dibble for the Goat Hall Productions / San Francisco Cabaret Opera website, put material re Sex and the Bible at, and prepare for publication an additional sheet of Psalm 4. Before, managed a third page of composition for Vespers: II. Psalm 109: Dixit Dominus.