Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 30 - How It Is

Yet a third recommend, now for Chase Buestad, re St. Mary's, plus page 16 of Vespers of 2010 composed, then in



towards Diablo Valley College to finally make slightly slower versions of Sex and the Bible re Dinah, Potiphar's Wife, and Pharaoh Had a Dream.

Back in the car, now city-wise for the

San Francisco

premiere of a

new chamber orchestra version of Alban Berg's Wozzeck, surprisingly fully-bodied, and fully professional,

with a cast including John Duykers and

Michael Desnoyers (Haemon for last season's Antigone), a


presentation of the 20th Century's greatest

opera, from beginning


end (with a review soon in 21st-Century Music [online at and]),

with violinist Monika Gruber (SFCCO) and clarinetist Peter Josheff (SFCO / Goat Hall Productions) in the pit -- greeting the latter two after the impressive show.

Homeward past a carousel




light to

prepare-for-publication page 16 of Psalm 4.