Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4 - The Road

Time to take the winter Southern California trip, first preparing the New Years CD's which are

Too Many Versions of Business As Usual

L.A. Stories

Death Songs

The Passion According to St. Matthew

Everything Is Relativity

12 Preludes and Fugues ("Topical")

The Nativity According to St. Matthew

Finally out the door -- with the house looked after by Harriet, Frank, and Marie -- through town

(to the post office,

mailing the taxes) and

thence to the freeway (via the Alamo overcrossing, looking south to the Lagoons),

making a Quik


before the Yolo


then south on I-5 at the double sun of the Sacramento River, up against the

Westley Hills to

Ingram Creek,

Del Puerto Canyon, and the dark fog and moon beyond.