Friday, January 8, 2010

January 8 - Purely Academic

Guitar and harp parts for Pini di Surriento and Salome Suite before a Diablo Valley stop for financial greetings (ASCAP yearly just arrived, too) and onward in



skies across the

Bay Bridge (with visions of Angel Island, Mt. Tamalpais),



Tunnel and

over the span to

San Francisco, meeting with

Indre and Kristen at Arlequin to discuss Sex and the Bible.

Drop off a copy of the score and CD on Mission in the


Lobby for Robert, stop off to pick up some

belly dance contact info at El Morocco (more SATB posibilities), return to DVC to record

The Gospel According to St. Matthew:

XLVI. The Great Commandment

XLVII. Jerusalem (Lauda Jerusalem)

XLVIII. Sleepers, Awake!



I. Magnificat

II. Et exultavit

then home for a dip in the community spa with Harriet, after which another page (3) of Magnificat: IV. Omnes generationes orchestration and composition re The Vespers of 2010.