Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15 - Enlightenment

Up absurdly early and out to rendezvous with Marty Rokeach, chez lui, re the upcoming Perceiving the Performing Arts course at St. Mary's, so down

680 in the low




yet ever-Heraclitianly-different

haunts to

Martinez, turning at the John Muir House,

under 24 and the

railroad, to a quiet

side street,

where early arrival allows the

exploration of the local hills and



ever closer,


in the

half light.

A wonderful meeting and afterwards flying

back towards Diablo Valley College, greeting Doug for the first time this year, and recording
Tritone-Orchestra version of


IV. Omnes generationes

V. Quia fecit mihi magna

VI. Et misericordia

Home anon, delighted to touch base with old Swarthmore College roommate Dave Schaffer, who continues teaching Economics at University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire (have also heard recently from Springfield High lawyer chum Don Gosnay and old Weber State compatriot Thom Wubbenhorst, now director of percussion at University of Maine). As Harriet and I settle into the good night, there's time to orchestrate a second page of VII. Fecit potentiam, and update with material for Perceiving in the Arts, proposing seven class meetings and pieces for concerted listening during the course of the semester, plus the final, as

Session 1. - Prehistoric / Ancient Music (before c. 400)
Yurok - Women's Brush Dance

Session 2 - Medieval Music (c. 400-1400)
Morocco - Lala Fatima

Session 3 - Renaissance Music (c. 1400-1600)
Josquin des Pres - El Grillo

Session 4 - Baroque Music (c. 1600-1750)
Johann Sebastian Bach - Organ Fugue in G Minor ("Little")

Session 5 - Classical Music (c. 1750-1825)
Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 5: I

Session 6 - Romantic Music (c. 1825-1900)
Giuseppe Verdi - Rigoletto: Quartet

Session 7 - Contemporary Music I (c. 1900-1975)
Igor Stravinsky - The Rite of Spring: Dances of the Adolescents

Music Exam - Contemporary Music II (c. 1975-present)
Mystery Selection