Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9 - Light Through the Fog

Home all day with Harriet, finally finish dealing with all the pictures from the recent Southern California trip (astoundingly about 900, when counting the various alterations), plus piano and organ parts for Pini di Surriento and Salome Suite, page 4 of Magnificat: IV. Omnes generationes orchestration and composition re Vespers of 2010.

The camera misbehaves with a "Zoom Error" -- googling the issue leads to Cnet and the solution:

"The Zoom Error problem occured when I had my finger in front of the lens when it extended when I turned it on.

I corrected the error by pulled and twisting on the lens untiol it stayed open. I then turned it off and back on and everything was fine. And then I did the 'finger in front of the lens' thing AGAIN top test if it would happen again. Sure enough it did.

SO it looks like this is a safety feature...but annoying. I am okay with the camera and it's under warrenty for a while I'll see what happens."

"Thank you. Worked for me also."

"Yeah, it seems a little scary, but, I just did what you did and pulled the lens to its fully extended position then turned it off/on. The camera seems totally fine now. We'll see..."

"I got the zoom error too when I was about to photograph a concert! Grrr. I just tried the suggestion to pull out the lense and it worked! I just wanted to say thanks for the suggestion and confirm that it also worked for me on the E550."

"Yes pulling lens out while camera is off and then restating camera works. This will fix 'zoom error' code."

"So glad I googled to this forum and saw your solution. The cause of the zoom error was waterproof camera bag limiting lens extension. I did as you did and found it to work like a charm. Thanks!

Fuji should publicize this solution!"

"It also worked for me. I purchased our E550 last December. It worked for about 3 months and then had the 'Zoom Error.' After much wrangling with Fuji they agreed to send a replacement rather than forcing us to wait for six weeks to get the camera repaired. The repair center in Minnesota reported that it would take at least . . . [that long] to repair . . . because . . . parts were out of stock . . . [due to] so many E550's developing the same problem.
The zoom error happened again tonite. Not wanting to go through the hassle with Fuji again I googled for a fix and found this solution. Thanks very much for posting it."