Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31 - Sex and the Staging

It's almost February, so it's time to start staging Sex and the Bible: The Opera (Part I), with Lucifer (Marilyn Pratt), Adam (Robert Benda), Eve (Kim Anderman), Maria (Serpent),

God of Creation (Liz Finkler),

Cain (Liz), Abel (Marilyn),

Noah (Nanette McGuinness), Noah's Wife (Kim), a crowd of sinners (Maria, Nathan Marken,

Indre Viskontas, and

Crystal Philippi),

the Triune God of the Chester Mystery Cycle (Marilyn, Liz, and Theresa),

Abraham (Robert), Sarah (Kim),

Hagar (Maria),

God of the Covenant (Marilyn), Lot (Nathan), and Lot's Wife (Theresa), plus God of Abraham (Indre), the Angels of Life and Death (Crystal and Liz), Lot's Daughters (Marilyn and Nanette), and a crowd of Sodomites (Indre, Kim, Theresa, and Maria). Fine progress for today.


it's another page (16) composed for Vespers: II. Psalm 109: Dixit Dominus,

after, preparation-for-publication of same for Psalm 4.