Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18 - Virgin Flight

A howling storm overnight, and finish the orchestration of Magnificat, from IX. Esurientes through XII. Gloria Patri, 54 pages total, the whole looking like this:

MAGNIFICAT (April 1, 2000)
I. Magnificat anima mea (Chorus)
II. Et exultavit (Women's Chorus)
III. Quia respexit (Soprano Aria)
IV. Omnes generationes (Chorus)
V. Quia fecit mihi magna (Soprano, Alto, Tenor Trio)
VI. Et misericordia (Alto, Tenor Duet)
VII. Fecit potentiam (Chorus)
VIII. Deposuit (Tenor Aria)
IX. Esurientes (Alto Aria)
X. Suscepit Israel (Soprano, Alto, Tenor Trio)
XI. Sicut locutus est (Soprano, Alto, Tenor Trio, Chorus)
XII. Gloria Patri (Chorus)

A roofer comes over to check out the house situation post-weather and we arrange to have a bit of work done tomorrow... better to err on the side of a dry interior.

Out late to Fairfield with Harriet, and, upon return, finish page 1 of the Vespers of 2010, in homage to the 400 anniversary of the Claudio Monteverdi setting, with a harmonized, latinate (as in hispanic rhythms), transformed chant impregnation from the Liber Usualis. And, after c. 17 years using the Encore program, finally determine, with above page, that the "hide staff" function works (at least in this MacBook update).