Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10 - Busting Out

Two more pages of Psalm 9 and Psalm 110 publication-prepared (a 6/4 - 5/4 section of the latter, and both through page 8) before the





of the


Coast Ranges,

beaming to

Diablo, for Franz Gruber Silent Night dictation and harmony, plus intriguing student composition 2's (from Julie's to Elena's and Adam's).

Lunch at China Garden, catching up with emails and other online work, then

(after an old newsbreak) to

San Francisco for a meeting at the Potrero Hill Starbucks with Carol Biddle, Development Director of Weber State College. We're both an hour early, and wind up sitting adjacent to one another for a minute or two before the Stravinskian-Cocteauian "truth strikes us" of mutual recognition (she perhaps recognizes me from the blogs, although good luck on that account... I perceive an attractive woman looking for someone...). A very pleasant get-together, lingering further (after hailing the lady a convenient cab) to write a second page of Vespers / Song of Solomon: Nigra sum, before

San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra Board Meeting with Erling, Lisa, David, Loren, and Davide (among other issues, exploring the notion of insurance, and a quick call to Harriet). A second linger, now with E, listening to his brilliant work-in-progress Double-Piano Sonata, then home and repose.