Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9 - Through Dark and Stormy Light

Astoundingly, do the publication-preparation of Psalm 9 and Psalm 110 (Confitebor tibi), both through page 6, through the course of the morning, through the


bi-scholastic (eventurally tri-course, though sole kitty) adventure, beginning in

St. Mary's


Hall for, yes,

Perceiving the Arts (nearing the end of the Drama section, including a little Henrik Ibsen Doll's House), followed by

DVC for

dictation / keyboard-solfege / board harmony on W.A. Mozart's Sonata in C Major, K. 545 (first four bars, with inversions, plus a sonata-allegro spin, and intriguing student compositions).

Lunch and paper grading at Elephant Bar and the


course from Martin Luther through, so to speak again, Thomas Morley --

looking ahead to the Baroque.

Lingering after class with Hyunroc, Ben, Stella, et. al.; then evening pizza, etc., with Doug (Owen taking the evening off after the orchestra concert); and home to Harriet in yet another storm-tossed scenario (when does this "lo the winter is past" get rolling?) to begin the Vespers / Song of Solomon double-threat Nigra Sum.