Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12 - Why Are We Here?

One of those late winter / early spring (depending on the reckoning) gray-rainy why-are-we-here days, finishing the publication-preparation for Psalm 9, doing another couple of pages (11-12) of same for Psalm 110 (Confitebor tibi), composing the first page of Vespers: IV Psalm 112 (Laudate pueri), and driving with Harriet to San Francisco, but then the clouds

start clearing

and crew (including Beth) and

cast (including Theresa) start arriving, and

like Lucky reaching for his bags, we are re-energized -- with motion picking up everywhere and another fine performance of Sex and the Bible: The Opera (Part I), with an audience including DVC Music Lit students, Mills College Bible-As-Literature attendees, Santa Rosa Theory Professor Mark Anderman, and congenial music critics Ken Bullock and Jeff Kaliss -- then heading back into that

good night with H.