Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29 - Pictures of Jobian Gray

Page 3 of score preparation for Psalm 14 -- a dark, drizzly day (with no pictures on the blogs in an interval) for the beginning of The Ballad of Mac the Knife from Kurt Weill's The Threepenny Opera as dictation and harmony for the Theoreticians, followed by... C#, G#, and D# Minors; B Major; I-IV-V in C and Eb Majors (doing former as 12-bar blues mass piano exercise); finishing up notable student compositions for round 2 (8 bars, at least one simultaneity of 2 pitches at some point); and presenting Job: I. Introduction - "What You Been Doing" and II. Dirge - "We Were Plowing" to positive effect. Lingering thereafter with Max and Chris, eventually it's coffee-and-coke-and-lab time with Doug and company, recording

Psalm 13 - "How Long"

and lengthening it at the last minute by repeating the B section, partially thanks to Mr. Michaels's ears (who, with Owen -- who's adjacent photoshopping an invite for his 50th -- likes the metrics and Tritone Orchestra tweaks), in corroboration.

Pleasant Hill for petrol, Walnut Creek Apple Store for a new printer, back to DVC to set it up, with Doug keyly assisting, and through-a--lookinglass-darkly of

Long Barn, the Chinese Wall, and Dinosaur Ridge;

Fairfield Pyramids;

Poverty Hills; and the


Central, and

North Lagoons -- the printer fails to work upon return (consistenly registers "offline" and wants multiple test pages printing out, often failing to detect scanner), so set up a One-To-One tutorial online for tomorrow at 8am in person at the Walnut Creek Apple Store -- and can there be another page (8) composed for Song of Solomon: II. I Am The Rose of Sharon before retiring?