Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22 - Rushing to Confusions

Almost finish Vespers: IV. Psalm 112 before out the door




corridor to

Music Theory, with dictation /

board-harmony /

keyboard-solfege on

Scott Joplin's The Entertainer (first four measures), plus a bit on whole-tone scales, and catch-up with Jorge and Julie, then the

lab (including the first coffee run in quite sometime, now that the bookstore concession is closing significantly later than 2pm), finishing up 112, and recording

Psalm 12 ("Help!")

Psalm 110 ("Confitebor tibi") [complete] and

Vespers: IV. Psalm 112 ("Laudate pueri") -- the former pretty clearly troped on the Beatles tune, the latter two on Claudio Monteverdi's titular movements, respectively colliding with 12-bar blues and Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 1: III (transposed-transmoded into C Major).



the larger world, and home, finishing the old blog entries re February 14 (The Return to Return to Sorrento radio day, with Sex and the Bible and SFCCO rehearsals -- and 26 (Second pre-tech rehearsal for SATB --, preparing for publication another page of Psalm 13 and beginning composition of Song of Solomon: II.