Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31 - Serendipity Encore Maybe

Sometimes it all works out.

Had there not been keyboard-solfege lingering after the Sergei Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf dictation /piano / singing / board harmony with Manuela and William, there would not have been encountering of that hero-once-again Steve Sage, who bears the gift of an Encore upgrade (5.0.5).


homeward after

errands, it's good... it's very good, although not perfect (one crash thus far, as opposed to often, several), including

fast start
cool running temp (the fan does not kick on as in old version)
unlimited shortcuts on a toolbar that is not prone to "disappear" (as previously)
more sophisticated layout, and ability to magnify and reduce (the former will perhaps reduce typos due to semi-blindness)

Well, maybe yes and maybe no. While writing this, new program suddenly crashes multiple times opening up Song of Solomon: II. I Am the Rose of Sharon. Managed to write a new page (9, beginning a B section in C Mixolydian) previously, however (although not much good, if file doesn't open for more than a moment before crashing -- so we shall see). Also, finish Psalm 14 before this occurs (5 pages total).