Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14 - Sex and the Closing

Well, we've done it.

Sex and the Bible: The Opera (Part I) --

smiles all around --

thanks to everyone who made it a success in this premiere run, featuring Theresa, Liz, Marilyn, Nathan, Maria, Nanette, Indre,

Beth, Kim,


Crystal, Vicky, and Harriet -- before a very responsive audience including Johns Bilotta and Mcgrew,

Steve Mobia, DVC Music Lit and Theory students, friends and family, and interested others.

That Rite of Sex-and-the-Bible Spring is in the air all day, on these the first hours of Daylight Savings, after the late-night cast party, losing an hour sleep (but thankful for the late-afternoon/early-evening sun), with the last show additionally an interval early at 7pm. The sun shines on a quixotic Wagnerian still life, and it's time to spring to action renting another

van and making the scenic drive past the

English Hills,






South) Mountains,

Paradise Valley,

Fairfield Water Tank,

Twin Sisters,

Sulfur Springs, American and Jamison Canyons, Sentinel Hill,

Buckhorn Peak,

Long Barn,


Suisun Marsh,

Stonewind Canyon,

The Rills,

Mothball Fleet,

over the Benicia Bridge, to the realm of the

Port Costa Hills,

Martinez Refinery Hill, and

Mt. Diablo to

Pleasant Hill.

Beyond Route 24,

through Orinda

Canyon and


(including Shakespeare Hill) to

Berkeley, printing up more programs at Copy World,

parking near Fulton and Durant,

walking up Bancroft past

St. Mark's Episcopal and

Trinity United Methodist Churches to

U.C. Berkeley's

Zellerbach Hall,

lingering in the




views and


before a presentation by the

Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre, with the

St. Mary's Perceiving the Performing Arts

cadre in attendance.

After SATB set strike, back home to prepare for publication another page each of Psalm 10 and Psalm 110 (respectively page 2 and 16 -- which completes the latter) plus compose third sheet of Vespers: IV. Psalm 112 (Laudate pueri).