Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11 - Escape Testing

Taylor Boulevard towards

Lafayette and

Moraga, for the final drama section of St. Mary's

Perceiving the Arts -- a quiz, allowing for the completion of Vespers / Song of Solomon: Nigra sum, followed by a launch into

Dance (and modest promotion of Sex and the Bible).


testing --

now Quiz 7 for the Theoreticians of DVC -- triads in treble and bass clef, dominant sevenths, inversions --

with examples from J.S. and C.P.E. Bach, W.A. Mozart, Gruber, and Chopin.

There's even time for a page of publication-preparation re Psalm 9 and Psalm 110 (both through page 9), before the jump to El Cerrito and


paper grading (again, all A's and B's) at

Celia's for the first time in several weeks,

generous financial greetings at the San Anselmo

post box (calling Harriet),

general purchases re

Club Room at

Macy's, and

home circuituously in the halflight via 116 and Jameson Canyon to an evening of catch-up.