Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 27 - Let the Suffering Begin!

San Francisco Cabaret Opera first day rehearsing Job: A Masque, and Sarita (Eliphaz the Temanite), Heather (Elihu),

Marilyn (Job, here with Harriet), Nanette (God / Bildad the Shuhite), and

Keisuke (pianist, in the company of Wayne [George in Mice and Men], Indre [Drusilla II in Diocletian, God / Rebekkah / Potiphar's Wife in Sex and the Bible], and H) are in fine first-rehearsal form as we make our way through the 15-minute piece in 90 -- and, despite Job being the archetypal sufferer, seems like we all have a pleasant time...

Lingering with Keisuke, who's review-practicing George Crumb's Vox Balaenae for a concert tonight in San Jose (would that I could go! but alas obligations call north), there's time to reflect on the full day and catch up on the blog (yes, I'm blogging about blogging on the blog).

The day began as usual -- alarm! -- when it was still kinda dark, whether you had slept or whether printing had kept you up half the night, you had been separated, from your significant other, from your child, yet could you sleep... deciding it's time to buy that print cartridge, only to discover it's still too early, so petrol purchase and paper payment and perusal fill the time. Harriet's cartridge replacements bought (at c. $57 even more than my over-priced c. $34 ones), the machine balks but finally runs and finishes the print run with exactly the 15 minutes to spare that Harriet needs to check her email before we're both pretty much out the door --

I to Copy World (hard to argue with their three-cents-a-page when compared to formerly-known-as-Kinkos c. 10), putting in time (and on calories) and grading Theory quizzes two days later than the normal routine (better than last week's -- now back to all A's and B's), before picking up 10 copies of the score and







After all the rehearsing (yes, this is the end of the flashback),

the sun sets on

everything new; and a rendezvous with Harriet (who's been at Hadley's for another rehearsal) leads to a serendipitous accidental turn

up Telegraph to

Bancroft and

Oxford, past the

U.C. Berkeley Crescent, beyond

Addison (what about that leaning structure?), finally to

Shattuck at the beginning of Henry for




adjacent to

Toyo and Bing Wong Wash Center where


pass and

in the fading light.

Home towards 21st-Century Music work (Harriet to Alameda and a local Puccini La Boheme), beginning the publication-preparation of Psalm 14 and continuing the composition of Song of Solomon: II (through page 6).