Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30 - The Importance of Shoving It In

As with life, the universe, and everything -- although particularly life, in its so-called higher forms -- following through and thoroughness count: a lesson that will be re-emphasized today, beginning with a tool down

I-80 to



Long Barn, the

Chinese Wall, and

Mt. Diablo to

Walnut Creek's

relatively recently remodeled Apple Store (first there since the revamp, having purchased laptop 2 last August in Sacramento because of it), where musician-technician-Blue-Devils-percussionist Jason and I set up the computer and printer and everything works smoothly (he gets a test page to print out, something that did not occur yesterday). With time to spare, also touch base with him on why renamed pictures insistently retain their .jpg suffix, even when erased -- and like the proverbial individual at the automobile repair shop, cannot get the incorrect situation to re-occur on premises. Ah well, at least solve the non-ringing iPhone problem (there's a little mute button on the side that was inadvertently shifted), get the scoop on tax programs (HR Block's Tax Cut for Mac is perhaps only online), and buy a second backup hard drive to use with Time Machine (first is storing old stuff).

Off to grade Composition 2's, where the sun shines, the

wind blows (all the way at least from the Briones Ridge), and Theoreticians

William and Mike serendipitously gather. Mid-day class is a continuation of the Kurt Weill Threepenny Opera: Ballad of Mac the Knife, with video of Sammy Davis Jr. in same (not the greatest version, but at least at hand), and yet more impressive Student Composition 2's that have somehow not been played previously.

Late lunch and

evening-class paper grading at Elephant Bar with DVC veterans both

waitressing and

bartending. Back to DVC, set up printer (which has been carted here and there all day), and it doesn't work. Again. What is this plot? Works for everyone but me. Am more than a bit concerned, but Doug comes to the rescue again. Checking the connections, he finds that the usb cable has not been "shoved all the way in." Which explains everything. While I was in charge of the cable both at home and school, Jason actually did the plugging at the Apple Store. So the problem is finally solved. We hope.... But why-oh-why did the error message simply read the obtuse "Printer Offline" rather than something a little more Douglian visceral like, "Hey, you need to shove the usb cable all the way in."





Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No. 5: 1 full score now as an embedded pdf thanks to Scribd on the markalburgermusichistory.blogspot.com site, then topics from here through Hector Berlioz Symphony Fantastique:V (also a new pdf on the blog), Frederic Chopin selected Piano Preludes, and bits of Richard Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung: The Ride of the Valkyries and Tristan and Isolde: Prelude -- also operatic video madness with excepts from Giuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto (Women Are Fickle through the murder), La Traviata (the drinking song), and Il Trovatore (reinterpreted by the Marx Brothers in A Night at the Opera); Georges Bizet's Carmen: Habanera; and Giocomo Puccini's La Boheme (end of Act I).

Celebratory bout thereafter with

Doug and Owen, and is it reasonable to assume that another page each of Psalm 14 "The Fool Has Said in his Heart" (4) and Song of Solomon: II. I Am the Rose of Sharon (9) are done?