Friday, March 26, 2010

March 26 - Trials and Trails

Mid-evening, begin printing out the Pierrot gender-inversion version of Job: A Masque, making corrections in process, and, three movements later, the printer registers "paper jam" -- a first in the three years of using this equipment. Google a YouTube tutorial on the subject, and, about a half-hour later, determine that the machine has evidently died.

Make pdfs of the rest of the files, sending them to self to print tomorrow at DVC, but then decide to use Harriet's printer, which does not seem to want to work with current computer. Solution is to email Encore files to old laptop (what a concept) to print out on old printer, which works until the black-and-white cartridge gives out, but at least there seems to be a solution, so retire late in relative peace.

Before this, in a.m., sleep the sleep of semi-ages, general catch-up, and continue posting documents on Scribd (from the International Music Score Library Project [IMSLP] and Encore) for embedding at
and, over the last two days (yes, and the first ones were actually registered as uploaded early on the 25th, rather than late on the previous).

On this brisk sunny afternoon, also finish the publication-preparation of Psalm 13 (6 pages total) and compose 5 of Song of Solomon: II. I Am the Rose of Sharon.