Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13 - The Light Glimmers

Beautiful day,

beginning the publication-preparation of Psalm 10 (Why Standst Thou There), continuing that of Psalm 110 (Confitebor tibi) (pages 13-15),

composing a second page of Vespers: IV. Psalm 112 (Laudate pueri),

making the way to San Francisco with Harriet for another

Sex and the Bible: The Opera (Part I) (Robert, Marilyn, and Maria warming up, above), and it's all worthwhile, with another fine performance -- videotaped by Tom McWay, with attendees including Allan Crossman, Erling Wold, Sharon Wolters, Music Lit students, and a whole cadre of DVC Theory alums and interested others.

Cast party afterwards with

Marilyn Pratt

Kim Anderman,

Robert Benda,

Maria Mikheyenko,

Liz Finkler,

Vicky Holder,

Nathan Marken, Indre Viskontas,

Nanette McGuinness,

Crystal Philippi,

David Garner,

Theresa Nelson, and

Harriet March Page.