Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23 - Brilliant

The sun and the waking are competitive, and in a short time the former is breaking over the buidlings of St. Mary's, where

Jia is holding forth re modern dance, with an inspired chance-generated session, encouraging indeterminacy in

small group presentations on

Martha Graham

Merce Cunningham (amazing life, which just ended last year at 90 -- fond memories of participating in his last Cageian Ocean at U.C. Berkeley -- also a fascinating video shown, with clips of John, Merce, Morton Felman, David Behrman, Christian Wolff, Earle Brown, Meredith Monk -- wonderful folks -- the latter three interviewed way back in 20th-/21st-Century Music) and Trisha Brown.

Ms. Wu then organizes an

additive improvisation and

dances a piece in aleatory collaboration with students for costumes and video, with a musical selection determined by a random number between 0 and 5387 (if the sound files were feet, more than a mile of music) called out ("2000") and then played (turns out to be Charles Ives's Symphony No. 4: I).

Beyond, it's

DVC Theory, which includes a spin on this same composer, plus Claude Debussy and Igor Stravinsky, with a dictation / board-harmony on latter's Firebird: Finale, and an impressive composition 2 from Shane Curran. Fund resupply and another

al fresco

luncheon amongst the

palms and highrise,

evening class a baroquely classic run from J.S. Bach's Cothen period (beginning with Brandenburg Concerto No. 1: I) through Ludwig van Beethoven's Heroic mid-career (exposition of Symphony No. 5: I),

looking towards the

Romantic era.

Bistro run with Owen and Doug, then home for another page each of Psalm 13 and Song Of Solomon: I. I Am the Rose of Sharon (respectively 3 and 2).