Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3 - Happy Birthday, George, et al!

Here we are in sunnier times, walking down (the better way to go) the trail from the James Marshall Discovery Monument, down to Coloma and the American River. Many joyful returns, big fella, on your 83rd! Amazing!

And here's what the day looked like today:

a bit blusterier

(and yes, that is the comparative form, according to the Memidex Free Online Dictionary/Thesaurus),

or, at least,

high winds


Well, it's certainly clear and



on the way to present at DVC, J.S. Bach's Organ Passacaglia in C Minor bass line for dictation and board harmony for the Theoreticians, plus the beginning of round 2 compositions with David's fine work.

Late lunch at China Garden,

doing more promotional work for Sex and the Bible, then off to

sitzprobe, often

standsprobe (evidently Sodomites, God, and Lot's Younger Daughter must take their feet) with

Nathan, Crystal, Liz, Indre, Nanette,

Theresa, Maria,

Kim, and Robert (with Keisuke at the piano). Home for more Psalm 8 (page 8) and Song of Solomon (7).